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Holy Spirit

Pentecost 2020

This message was given during the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak, so it was filmed in our living rooms. 

For centuries the Church has followed a universal calendar of seasons. These seasons help us learn about the Christian life centered around the life of Jesus. 

Advent prepares our hearts for Jesus' birth at Christmas, Epiphany celebrates that the Light of the world entered our world, Lent guides us in remembering our sinfulness so that when Easter comes we truly understand the freedom the resurrection brings. After Easter is Pentecost, which is a season that we reflect on the Holy Spirit that was given to the apostles after the resurrection and to you and I in our baptism.

Part 1 - Full Service

Part 1 - Message only

Part 2 - Full service

Part 2 - Message only

Part 3 - Full service

Part 3 - Message only

Part 4 - Full service

Part 4 - Message only

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